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About Us


alt Many companies often need and apply a never ending number of iron parts in order to satisfy their industrial activities. Therefore, Sicolsa, a worldwide category enterprise with more than 25 years of experience and presence in different countries, Sicolsa offers all its technological development, quality, support of a highly qualified team of people, and a great range of nodular; gray and others solutions for automotive, agricultural, pipelines, industrial and electrical areas, always looking to satisfy our customers.


alt Quality Policy SICOLSA

Continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality system processes, through staff training, compliance with the established requirements, increasing productivity, managing the environmental good practices and contributing to environmental care, to increase customer satisfaction and profitability for shareholders.


In Sicolsa we produce and commercialized castings in ferrous metals, serving high quality under a technified process to meet the needs of automotive, agricultural, industrial and electricity products for domestic and foreign markets.

We work to generate the return expected by shareholders, balancing with the development of all our employees and the environment.


To consolidate existing markets and enter active in countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Italy, delivering great value in our products and ensuring greater profitability for the company.