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alt Raw Material
Nodular (ductile) Iron Holding produces basically two tipes of spheroidal casts: perlitic with the highest resistance to traction and another that is perlitic-ferritic, with less resistance to traction and more ductile. When both types are subjected to heat tratment for a few hours, they produce completely ferritic structures with 50 Kg per square millimeter resistance to traction and 20% elongation.
This type of material is used for automotive, pipelines and electrical parts.

alt Gray Iron
Discontinuities in the internal structure enable vibration energy to be dissipated. This is the reason why gray iron casts are good basis for machinery supports, devices or equipment subjected to vibration. The vibrations are absorbed and prevented from concentratin in a specific site in the structure and causing fatigue failures. In addition, since this metal's resistance to compression is much greater than resistance to traction, it is used for structures and construction supports.




alt Automotive:
Chassis Parts, Suspension Systems, Brake and Clutch Parts.

alt Agriculture:
Hand Tools, Machinery.

alt Waterworks:
Water and Sewer System Components.

alt Electrical:
Hardware Designed to Improve Municipal Power Installations.

alt Industrial:
Foundry and Industrial Processing Machinery.